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Mon, 12th Jan. 2009, 17:55

Sorry guys. I need to have a good rant, and this is the best place. Feel free to ignore!! 
I can't remember how to put stuff behind cuts.
Right I'm really, really, really annoyed. I finally got around to playing Final Fantasy VII again. At first I couldn't find my old save games, and I was reasonably miffed by that. But I thought ' that's fine I don't remember anything that has gone on.' But then after I started the game, and I got to the first save point, the game refused to believe that I did have a memory card in. Even after I took it out and put it back in, restarted the play station twice it still refused to accept the presence of the memory card. So I carried on to the next save point, and it still refused to work. By this point I had been playing for two hours, and I have no way to save. I got annoyed and I still am, I might try another game just so I can maul things.
Ok, I think for now I've run out of stuff to say, but I'm still annoyed, but I feel better. Thanks.

Sat, 9th Feb. 2008, 10:06

Hiya  everyone!! I'm not dead by the way.
Just thought I would update to tell you all that I now have a laptop all to myself so I should be on more often now, though I don't know how often I will post things, but hey the possibilty is open now, so maybe. 
I went to see Sweeney Todd last week, I think it's my favourite film at the moment, I just keep listening to the songs. Any one else seen it and thought it was brilliant, even when Johnny Depp is covered in blood he is still hot!!

Tue, 5th Jun. 2007, 11:35

I LIVE!!!!!
Just came back from Spain, with a suntan, can you believe it. I never get a suntan I only burn. I'm not as tanned as this juicy pic of Bakura though so that sucks. 
One of my teacher's just came back from maturnity leave, and she has already had a go at some of the people in my class. One the other teacher's is helping her ganging up on people. I hate it, it was her first day back as well, it really annoyes me, but never mind maybe she'll get better as we go along.

Wed, 4th Apr. 2007, 21:33

Good day!! My evil is now spreading far and wide! I felt as if my evil could not possibally be spreading as <lj user="moose_sheep"> so I got a new me here, as it does suit me more, those who know me I'm sure will agree with me.